JITO Bearing

Manufacturer of Bearing

JITO Bearing is a modern scientific and technological enterprise intergrating research and development, producing and trading. The company is a member of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, a member of China Bearing Industry Association, a national high-tech enterprise, a specialized, refined and new enterprise in Hebei Province, and a director unit of Hebei Bearing Association. The general manager Shizhen Wu is the standing committee of the political consultative conference of guantao county. Since established, it has been committed to manufacturing high quality and high precision bearings, with the quality level of P0/P6/P5,(Z1V1) (Z2V2) (Z3V3). The registered brand is JITO and also registered in European Union. The company has gained ISO9001:2015 and IATF/16949:2016 system certification, has dozens of invention patents and new utility patents.  The company was awarded “hebei provincial contract-respecting and credit-reliable enterprise” by hebei enterprise credit promotion association and hebei provincial enterprise credit research institute, and “hebei province science and technology SME” by hebei provincial science and technology department, etc. and issued certificate. The company has two factories, the rough processing, heat treatment factory and the finishing, assembly, storage factory, research building, etc. with a construction area of more than 30,000 square meters.

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Forklift door frame bearing in the installation need to pay attention to matters